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    @MaestroKnux Ah, sorry about that. For the moment, only Telegram X can do this on iOS. Alternatively, you could upg……

    12th February @ 21:13
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    @Raphael_B Your cloud chats are with you wherever you go: web, desktop or any of the mobile apps. Secret chats are……

    12th February @ 21:08
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    @RMB And what is it that you find particularly horrible about it? 😈

    12th February @ 21:05
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    @cryptoSama Sure! If you go to Settings > Privacy & Security, you can specify who on Telegram is allowed to add you to groups.

    10th February @ 15:03
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    @Sociability The article says they infected the targets with malware that gained control over the device. If the de……

    8th February @ 14:41
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    @JymFox We have a robotic dog... Not sure if that counts as an animal.

    7th February @ 13:48
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    @kdjdz This update is for a different app:

    6th February @ 22:54
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