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a new era of messaging

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    @norwin 20,000 people.

    19th October @ 09:34
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    @CyThePawsome Hello, what about Shared Media from the group info screen? That allows you to view all the images / videos from the group.

    19th October @ 03:23
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    @NSapProductions iOS: Group profile > Edit, scroll down, 'Convert to supergroup'. Android: Group profile > ... > Co……

    18th October @ 20:46
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    @Hhj9521 Try to zip it before sending.

    18th October @ 17:41
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    @cryptoChaz Yep, coming soon to Telegram near you.

    18th October @ 16:43
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    @rcope2847 @Electroneum_ETN And which one of our apps are you all using? Any consistency where the problem reproduces?

    18th October @ 12:55
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    @Khani Hmm. Try quitting and relaunching the app. Should help.

    17th October @ 21:35
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